On this date Théâtre, Improvisation

À partir de 13 ans

Wikipedia knows the facts, we explore what really happened.

Take a date. Any date. Because it’s so easy and obvious, take today. Now research today’s date using a large Internet lexicon. Because it’s so easy and obvious, take Wikipedia. Find out what happened in history on that date...
And with "On This Date“, Jim Libby and Jacob Banigan from the Austrian formation “Rocket Sugar Factory” do exactly that.

"On This Date“ convinces with wit, simplicity, and creativity, while breathing new life into our collective past. Wikipedia might know all the cold, hard facts, but the gentlemen of Rocket Sugar Factory explore what really happened „On This Date“ !

For more information : www.improviste.be/On-this-date.html

To book tickets : www.billetweb.fr/on-this-date