Playing with the enemy Théâtre, Improvisation

À partir de 13 ans

He is from an Arab country. She’s from Israel.

Improv from the Middle East

He is from an Arab country*. She’s from Israel. Their countries are enemies, but luckily somehow they became friends.

In this show Zaki and Inbal share a unique improvisational experience with each other and with you.

They combine their knowledge and cultures which are both similar and different, and they celebrate the possibility of performing together on a neutral ground.

The show will play with stigmas, politically correctness, taboos, and individualism and it will circle around and beyond those topics.

But most importantly Zaki and Inbal are going to do on stage what they are not allowed to do in real life – communicate, play, create.

Inbal Lori Zaki Zikani

*Zaki’s country can’t be disclosed due to security reasons.